The Depths of Loneliness

How is this level of loneliness even possible. I didn’t truly understand the emotional despair loneliness can usher in until I felt the ramifications of it in my own life and work. I don’t think I had ever experienced true loneliness until moving overseas. The most basic and daily interactions lack relationship. I can’t relate […]

The Value of Family on Mission

One of Global Fellowship’s core values is “Family on Mission.” This one is very personal to me because my family is on mission together and I feel the reality of this value each and every day. Having kids and working in missions is a complex and amazing thing.  We strongly believe that kids are not […]

Escapades in Casablanca pt. 2

The journey of getting internet overseas. Overseas sometimes the little things seem nearly impossible to accomplish.  The importance of establishing an internet connection to the outside world isn’t always as easy as it seems or as you think it should be while living cross-culturally. There were few hardwired connections in the metropolis of Casablanca,  so […]

Escapades in Casablanca pt. 1

We are met at the airport by a friendly younger man, Mustafa*, who is here to take us to our new apartment.  Traveling by bus, we arrive in an unfamiliar bustling city, quite a bit more populous than anything we’ve experienced before.  People walking, riding moto’s, vehicle traffic everywhere, diesel fumes and donkey carts. All […]

The Beautiful Other Side of Culture Shock

I was ready (or so I thought) for the impending culture shock. I read the studies and I paid careful attention to the diagrams presented in training. I was aware of the emotional, physical and spiritual cues to look for and knew how to track them through the stages. I was prepped, ready and somewhat […]

Suffering as Believer Shouldn’t Be Surprising

I remember about ten years ago listening to a sermon by Francis Chan as he spoke about suffering. He went through every single book in the New Testament and pulled out one verse from each book. The point was clear, it hit me hard – we shouldn’t be surprised when we see or experience suffering […]

You Can Land, But Taking Off is God’s Work

When the plane landed in Liberia, West Africa, our family stepped into a world that was very foreign to us.  Of course, we had been told that we would feel this way, but still… Nobody looked like us or spoke like us. We felt hot, humid, and distinctly “lost.”  Someone came up to me and […]