My life was changed after the collapse of the USSR, because that is when my father became of a Christian. He was one of the first Kyrgyz believers and through him sharing his faith, our entire family came to Christ. My family made it a priority to share the Gospel with the people in our village and beyond and as a result, many people gave their lives to Christ. 

I went to university in Karakol, where I became active in Campus Crusade for Christ. After college, I went through a season where I felt empty and that my life was meaningless. In 2011, I came to a full understanding of grace. God lifted my burdens and freed my heart to follow Him. In 2012, I attended Bible College in Bishkek, and I began to serve in ministry. Soon after, I met my wife who had at that point been following Christ for 13 years. Together, we have been serving in our church for several years. We have two children.

We want to expand our ministry into Central Asia and take the Gospel to places where Christ is not yet known. Our passion is for the population of Central Asia to be 10 percent reached with the Gospel. We want Central Asians to be sent as missionaries into the world, we want this region to come back to Christ.

Please pray for our family’s safety as we are going to a place where that is a need. Also, for our family as we are expecting our third child. Please pray we can also get the visas and documentation we need to live and work in the country.

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