BJ is a highly effective leader of a M*slim ministry in India, where he has personally led hundreds of M*slims to the Lord. He is laser-focused on seeing the second-largest population of M*slims in the world reached with the Gospel. He uses DMM as a tool to take the Good News into new communities. He hosts seekers gatherings each month, where people who have never heard the name of Jesus will have an opportunity to meet Him for the first time. Many of these seekers gatherings transform into fellowship groups that result in several baptized believers. BJ works with the baptized believers to have them take the Good News back to their communities and families. He trains them, strategizes with them, and supports them.

He has received international recognition for envisioning and enacting one of the first and most effective ministries among M*slims in India. His team works in some of the most closed parts of Northern India.

In his more than 15 years of ministry, he has raised up more than 60 leaders to take over the on-the-ground ministry in several states. He is currently training several more leaders to serve. BJ also travels to symposiums and training equipping many organizations and grassroots workers with effective tools for reaching M*slims for Jesus.

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