For many of our workers in North India, persecution is real. Most have been ostracized by their family. Job prospects are dire and many have to move every three to six months because of oppression and injustice from landlords seeking to harass their faith.

The current climate in India is hostile toward Christianity and anyone actively seeking to make Christ known among the more than a billion people who are lost in the country. Our workers in North India face many challenges to church-plant and bring the Gospel to the locals. One of the largest unreached people groups in the world is Indian Muslims, for many years it was believed nearly impossible to reach them, for many reasons but hostility and insulation of the community just being a few.

We have a highly effective leader working to reach these people with the Gospel, he has led thousands to the Lord and has raised up more than 60 church-planting leaders, all who are Muslim-background believers) to go into these communities and proclaim Jesus. Our leader regularly trains, mentors, and encourages them in their church-planting.

Because of the country’s ongoing hostility toward Christianity, we have had to find creative ways to fund ongoing church-planting and the farm provides us this means through purchasing cows. The milk from the cows supports the church-planting leaders so that they can work full-time making Christ known. Due to long-standing practices, cow milk is in short supply in North India, and therefore prices are high. This is the perfect time to develop a strong dairy presence to sustain effective ministry over many years.

The infrastructure for the dairy farm is built and it has 10 cows who are producing milk and supporting a leader. Once the farm reaches full scale one cow’s milk will support one church-planter each month, this means we could have more than 22 church-planting leaders fully supported in a sustainable way.

We need 12 more cows to get the farm to full capacity and start seeing several church-planters supported. Each cow is $1,000. 

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