For many of our workers in North India, persecution is real. Most have been ostracized from their family. Job prospects are dire and many have to move every three to six months because of oppression and injustice from landlords seeking to harass their faith.

Yet they press on– more than 45 Muslim-background believers are actively planting churches in places that any outsider – even Indian Hindus – cannot reach. However, only 3 of these are able to be fully supported full-time. One ambitious project we are pursuing to close this gap is to develop a dairy cow project, where the milk produced from one cow will suppport one family, full-time.

Due to long-standing practices, cow milk is in short supply in North India, and therefore prices are high. This is the perfect time to develop a strong dairy presence to sustain effective ministry over many years.

Each cow costs $1,500USD. This will enable a family pursue flourishing ministry in some of the most difficult places.

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