A couple years ago, one of our workers was seeking a way to help his North African community while being able to stay in country to continue sharing the Gospel. He discovered an opportunity for a God-honoring and Biblical-based printing business. He began the process of raising funds to get his first printing press and sought to secure a location for the business. He figured out how to legally start a business in North Africa. And a little more than a year ago he founded, “The Printing Press.”

His business began publishing discipleship materials and the Old Testament but his goal is to create full-length, on-demand Bibles in the local Arabic dialect by the year 2020. After twenty years of New Testament translation work it is now possible to provide the written Word of God in the local Arabic dialect for the first time in history. Pray that the Good News continues to reach North Africa.

The Printing Press is in need of some supplies in order to complete their goal of binding a full Bible together in the local dialect. Please join us in this endeavor to make Christ known through His Word in North Africa.

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