General FAQs

Why do people choose to give to Global Fellowship?

People have chosen to partner with and support Global Fellowship over the years because they see the great impact this ministry has had for the Kingdom through pioneering church-planting. Thousands of lives are being transformed each year as they come to a saving knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. When lives are changed, communities are changed, and social and physical needs become met as well.


Our approach to finances is also a reason many people choose to partner with Global Fellowship. We are committed to the work of the ministry and believe in the effectiveness of our teams. Because of this, from the beginning we have been committed to taking 0% overhead – 100% of what you give gets to the field. Donate Now

Why do people join Global Fellowship as staff or missionaries?

People who have become family through Global Fellowship have been drawn together because of a mutual commitment to and appreciation of our Strategy and Core Values.


We are a Christian missionary sending agency in California, working in pioneering locations in nearly two dozen countries. We have a long history of indigenous leadership and indigenous-led church-planting movements in unengaged, unreached people groups. Those who are drawn to work with us share a similar value of field-driven decision-making and coming alongside and behind indigenous leaders to catalyze Kingdom transformation in their country.

What are Global Fellowship's Core Values?

We’re a tight knit family that operates out of our shared core values. These convictions about how to live and work shape the way we interact with each other and the way we embrace the mission God has given us.

Learn more about our Core Values

How much does Global Fellowship deduct from my gift to cover administrative expenses?

We deduct zero percent, which means that 100% of funds get to their destination. We don’t hold anything back in the Home Office for administration or overhead. We raise administrative costs separately and all of our staff are either volunteers or on support.

Where does Global Fellowship work?

Global Fellowship works exclusively in Unreached Geographies (less than 2% Christian).


Global Fellowship works in the least reached geographies: these are areas where people have little or no access to a church or to the gospel in their own language, culture, or proximity. If people cannot reasonably get to a gospel preaching church, they remain unreached–geography counts.


Global Fellowship works among Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Atheists, Animists, and more all around the world. The specific areas are targeted because these are the peoples that are the least reached, in desperate need of hearing the Gospel. For more info (including a complete list of countries where we work) see the “Where We Work” page.

How can I donate to a missionary?

You can click on Give in the top right hand corner and then donate using your bank account (EFT) or credit card.


Or you can send a check (payable to “Global Fellowship”) to:

PO Box 1

Meadow Vista, CA 95722


Please indicate the missionary or project name in the Memo line. You can also donate to Where Most Needed and Home Office expenses.

Is Global Fellowship a legal charity?

Yes, Global Fellowship is a 501(c)3 non-profit. We obtained our authorization from the IRS in 1989 (our EIN is 68-0214543).  We are a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) with financial reports available.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, and you will receive a receipt in the mail or by email, along with a year end summary in January of each year (for the previous year’s donations).

How can I be involved in Global Fellowship?

You can become a missionary through Global Fellowship.


You can partner financially with a Global Fellowship missionary. 


You can join the staff at the Global Fellowship office.


You can support the administrative costs of Global Fellowship with a gift to Home Office.


What is unique about Global Fellowship?

We are a tight-knit organization built on personal relationships across cultures. We have a long history of blended missionary teams – over 25 years of effective and equal partnership with indigenous leaders who have pioneered church-planting movements.


We choose to be a principle led organization, and shy away from writing a policy manual. This forces us to press into relationships with each other to maintain strong lines of communication and accountability.


We send long-term missionaries and cross-cultural workers into the most difficult places in need of the Gospel. We are focused on finishing the task: proclaiming the Good News of Jesus in every tongue, tribe, and nation.

Where can I find information on Global Fellowship's finances?

See Global Fellowship’s 2017 Annual Report here. We are also registered with ECFA.

What if my question is not answered here?

Please contact us – we’d love to start a conversation.


For ministry opportunity questions, contact Mobilization:

For finance questions, contact Finance:

For questions about our missionaries:

For Development & Marketing questions, contact Development:

For other questions about Global Fellowship, contact the President:

Candidate FAQs

How long is the application process and what is involved?

The application process typically takes about a month to complete. This includes an online application form, pastoral references, an interview and time spent getting to know each other.

Learn more about Our Process

What is expected of missionary candidates?

Regardless of the role you are seeking to play within Global Fellowship, we would expect candidates to:

1) thoroughly complete the application process
2) honestly disclose who they are
3) prayerfully seek if Global Fellowship is a good fit
4) immerse themselves in the substance of who Global Fellowship is (e.g. Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Approach, Guiding Principles).

What are the educational requirements?

Most missionaries will attend a training school before departing for the field. However, at Global Fellowship, we believe that learning comes by doing. Thus, your greatest education will come on the field. We do not have specific educational requirements. Rather, we will focus on your current or desired training and see where you can use your training most effectively.

What if I have no missions experience or Biblical education?

We seek to place people on the field in a matter of months, not years. We also value on-going training at least as much as pre-field training.

Therefore, the initial season of your long-term assignment will be as an apprentice (we call it “Missionary In Training”). You will be assigned a personal mentor to train and equip you for cross-cultural ministry. A more formal missions training may also be recommended through our training partner Global Frontier Missions. After the U.S. based training period we will get you on the mission field with one of our church planting teams where you can learn by doing, under someone with immense practical knowledge in missions and church planting. Learn more about Our Process

Do I need to raise support?

Yes. At Global Fellowship, we believe it is a privilege to trust in the Lord for complete funding. In this way, we truly see God provide in miraculous ways, and we are given the opportunity to invite others into the work of the ministry alongside us.

Each staff and field team is required to raise 100% of their funds; no one receives a specific “salary,” rather, what comes in each month is what is sent out. We match each candidate with a Fundraising Coach to help facilitate this process.

How much support do I need to raise?

You will be asked to raise a sufficient amount for the region where you will be working, and no more. We wish to see each missionary living within a reasonable economy of the people around them.

There are no mandatory budgetary items imposed by the Home Office. Rather, we will work with each candidate specifically to determine a budget tailored for your family needs based on your targeted region. To maintain accountability, we walk with you through writing a plan for savings, retirement, kids education, etc., and we help you stay on track; however, none of this is pushed on you by the Home Office.

How much of my raised support do I actually receive?

100%. We are committed to ensuring that everything you raise, you receive. We don’t have any administrative overhead or anything else that would remove money from your account.

You will work with your Member Care coach to develop a wise budget (which may include contingency funds, retirement, etc), though it is not mandated as policy. You may choose to forego those things and have a light-weight budget as well.

We place a strong emphasis on personal relationships and a high sense of trust in the leading of the Holy Spirit. All of your personal and ministry funds will be under your control – no requisition forms, project proposals, or anything else. There will be a lot of open and honest communication with your Member Care Coach and the Director of International Operations to assist you in being a wise steward of Kingdom resources.

Does Global Fellowship provide training?

Yes. We will provide you with preparatory training in our home office with our staff before you reach the field. We also may ask missionary candidates to complete a 5-month training with our partner, Global Frontier Missions, in Clarkston, Georgia. There may also be a short cross-cultural training in one or more of our fields. This process will be tailored to each candidate. Learn more about Our Process

How are field locations selected?

At Global Fellowship, we desire to see a Gospel witness within 30 minutes of everyone. Because of this, we are particularly interested in the geographies with no access to the Gospel. Starting with People Group research, we survey specific regions to identify the places with no missionaries, churches, or Gospel witness and seek to go to those places.

Based on our vision to reach the unreached we seek out specific ways the Holy Spirit may be leading you to one of our many fields. As we seek to place teams, the process is grounded in the relationships that we build with each candidate. As the Global Fellowship staff sees your heart for ministry and special skills, we will begin to see ministry opportunities that fit you, honor your gifting, and honor the leading of the spirit and the desires God has placed on your heart. Learn more about Our Strategy