Member Care Coordinator

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Auburn, CA, USA

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3 years + commitment

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Lead leaders into a place of flourishing


  • Experience as a counselor.
  • Experience as a missionary.
  • Skilled in cross-cultural debrief, assessment, and soul-care preferred


  • Model the type of honest spirituality we seek to have on each field.
  • Develop strong personal connections with each family under your care.
  • Coordinate home office staff and external care-givers to ensure all missionaries receive care.
  • Own the well-being and flourishing of all field teams (spiritual, emotional, relational).
  • Communicate frequently with field teams.
  • Be willing to “think outside the box” and innovate on established best practices to provide the most effective, individualized care possible.

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Join the Home Office team, located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, 35 miles east of Sacramento. You would be caring for and developing our field teams. Garner a sense of ownership of the spiritual health, flourishing, and development of several missionary families on the field. Come plug into a very active team and start utilizing your passion and skills to connect with people for the sake of the kingdom.

Care for our field teams by nurturing them toward Jesus. Cultivate a space of honesty at the feet of Jesus and invite our missionaries to join you there.

Engage in the real life issues each missionary faces. Lead people to decompress, process, and discover new things about themselves, their teammates, their host culture, and the Holy Spirit.

This opportunity is nonsalaried. Everyone who joins Global Fellowship either raises their financial support to cover their living expenses, or volunteers their time.

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