Wes and Nat are evangelists serving in Macedonia, a small Balkan country of 2.2 million people. Their work is among the unreached Albanians, who make up one-third of Macedonia’s population (over 700,000). The Albanian people group in Macedonia is nearly entirely Muslim, and only a mere handful of them are Christians.  Wes and Nat minister in the historic Old Bazaar, where many Albanians work and spend their free time. The Old Bazaar, which was built by the Ottoman Empire, remains the spiritual and cultural center for Albanian Muslims. Wes and Nat rent a property in the Old Bazaar where they distribute free Bibles, New Testaments and Gospel tracks to their visitors. At their evangelism center, they also serve free Turkish style tea. Wes and Nat recently moved their ministry to a much larger property, an old 18th century Turkish hotel, where they are currently doing significant restoration and renovation. They invite you to join their project– through prayer and financial gifts for the physical and spiritual restoration to the Old Bazaar!

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