Albania has a rich history of Christianity dating back to the early days of the Church when it was known as Illyria. The Apostle Paul had visited it on one of his missionary journeys (Romans 15:19). However, there have been many years of darkness in this Balkan nation that has resulted in it being the only predominately Muslim nation in Europe. In 1967, it was declared the world's first atheist state and today only .05% of the Albanian people proclaim Christ as their Lord.


With over 140 million Muslims in need of the gospel message, the task is enormous indeed. In Bangladesh, we have 30 missionaries, men and women boldly reaching out to a population that is ninety percent Muslim and less than one percent Christian. As recently as 2015 the government made a concerted effort to close down all Christian-related charities. Join a team of brave pioneers taking the Gospel into extremely difficult places!

Closed Country

We are laser-focused on pushing into the most difficult places on the planet. Our people have experienced serious persecution at the hands of neighbors, co-workers, and governments. Depending on each location, some of our people choose to protect their identity.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, less than 1% of the population are evangelical Christians. Over 75% of people are atheists, making the Czech Republic the most non-religious country in the world. We are working in the southwest and northeast to take the gospel to the least reached in the Czech Republic. Czech people are suspicious or outsiders and extremely private, yet recently there has been a warming toward the Gospel.


India has more unreached people than any other country. Recently, the government shut down over 4,500 Christian-related charities. It is by God's grace we are able to continue working as a legally registered charity. We are an organization of over 300 evangelists and church planters working among the most unreached regions of India. Our focus is on northern India in areas unreached by the gospel message. There are over 900 million people in the region where we work that have never heard the gospel. Join a team of brave pioneers in India!


The city of Skopje, Macedonia is a cultural melting pot. Some say that walking through the city is like walking through different historical periods. Our work in Macedonia primarily focuses on reaching Albanian Muslims with the Gospel - a traditionally marginalized people group. Albanians make up a third of the Macedonian population. Through after school programs and a tea house in the local market place, our missionaries are reaching these unreached people.


Paul shipwrecked on this island, just a few decades after Jesus' death, resurrection, and ascension. Despite this early Christian influence, no evangelical church existed on the island until 1983 when our missionaries planted their first church (long before we knew them). Through their vision and leadership, there are now 18 evangelical churches faithfully proclaiming Jesus. Our Maltese missionaries also travel to North Africa, training, equipping and mobilizing the church.


There are many regions within Mexico with little or no gospel presence. We are working in Baja California to raise up men and women who will strategically go to these least reached regions. Global Fellowship Mexico is currently composed of 14 evangelists dispersed around the country, taking the gospel to those who have never heard. We also run a missionary training school in Baja to train up new church planters. It combines classroom learning with practical experiences and includes two missionary journeys through central and southern Mexico to encourage each church planter.


There are 30 unreached people groups in the Philippines with tribes throughout the islands who have yet to hear the Gospel for the first time.


Among eight million Serbs, only 0.6% follow Jesus Christ. In southern Belgrade, where our work is focused, there are over 700,000 people and only one evangelical church, which we planted in 2010. Our goal is to expand the work in Serbia so that every person in all of Serbia has the chance to hear the good news about Jesus Christ.


There are only around one thousand evangelical Christians in the entire country. Most people in Slovenia do not have a church in their region. Our ministry in Slovenia is to ensure that every person has access to an evangelical church.


In northern Thailand, there are over seven million Buddhists who need the gospel. We are working among them as well as using our base in the north to reach out to the unreached in Burma and Laos.

United States

Our home office resides in Northern California. We are fond of saying that a visit to the home office doesn't equate to a visit to Global Fellowship, but only a visit to the field will reveal the depths of God's work. With that said, we'd still be happy to see you in our U.S. office!

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