We are focused on people over programs, believing that when we focus on the Root, he bears the fruit.

The effectiveness of our missionaries is not just about being productive. Rather, we believe that healthy missionaries will be much more effective, so we focus on the spiritual vitality of the individual rather than just the work .

Our Missionaries

We are a family of disciples on mission

We are more often called a “family” than an “organization.” Each of our missionaries shares a deep affection for one another that shows up in many ways – shared vacations, spontaneous Skype calls, group chats, and even care packages to one another. While we may be far-flung geographically, we are tight-knit emotionally and spiritually. 


Our Donors

Faithfully advancing the Kingdom

For more than 27 years, like-minded believers have stood side by side with us both in prayer and finances.  We often say, “Little is Much when God is in it”. Our donors have appreciated the way that their gifts have been stretched by God to do more than was imagined.  Donors have also stood with us to meet the overhead needs since 100% of donations go directly to the field.

Our Staff

We seek to remove every obstacle

Since we are committed to 0% admin overhead, our staff is committed to raising their own support or volunteering their time. We’re a passionate team, seeking to serve as support and energy to our missionaries. We love our field teams and are overjoyed that Jesus continues to use us as a team to bring his Kingdom to many places he was not previously known.

Our Board

Involved, sacrificial oversight

The Global Fellowship Board has enjoyed the participation of humble, Godly people since the beginning of the mission in 1989. In the early days, the Board gathered at 6am on Sunday mornings to pray for the needs of the missionaries. Currently, the Board is active with our missionaries in various forms, from being daily in the office with staff and missionaries to visiting missionaries in the field.